Thank you!

Thank you to our friends and supporters for making Impressions 2018 a resounding success.

Prize Winner
1. Trip to Israel Mr. and Mrs. Reuven Miller
2. Orna Sheitel Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Moshe Nudelman
3. Kaylah Diamonds and Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Moshe Nudelman
4. $1,800 towards Tuition C. Neuberger
5. Macbook Air Jackpot Winner
6. Sefarim Bookcase Mr. and Dr. Yona Feldman
7. Sleep Well Yaffa (Wygoda) Gluck
8. $1,000 Cash E. Strauss
9. Swingset Tehila Lipschitz
10. Uppababy Vista Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Gerstman
11. $750 Gas Card Miss Malka Jacobovits
12. Meat Lovers Dream Mr. and Mrs. Chananya Kramer
13. Luggage Mimi Ankri
14. Ipad Mr. and Mrs. Danny Steger
15. $500 The Hat Box Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchok Hammelburger
16. $500 Gifts by Gilda Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Weiss
17. BBQ Grill Rabbi and Mrs. Eliyahu Wolf
18. Laptop Computer Mr. and Mrs. Yankel Warshavchik
19. Bosch Mixer Nechama Ottensoser
20. Elegant Table Miriam Berkowitz
21. Freezer Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Kerzner
22. Shabbos Package Rabbi and Mrs. Sruli Slansky
23. Sunday Funday Avraham Gross
24. Florida Vacation Miss Judy Mellman
25. $350 Nordstrom Miss Yehudis Schecter
26. $350 Target Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hoffman
27. $360 Shabsi’s Judaica Miss Pearl Labovitz
28. Bais Yaakov Camp Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Khalili
29. Shabbos Flowers Mr. and Mrs. B. David Broth
30. Roomba Mr. and Mrs. Zev Gerstein
31. Kid’s Library Suri Cohen
32. Building Toys Miss Atara Gold
33. Dress the Kids Sharon Zuckerbrod
34. $250 Hats to Hose Aliza Goldenberg
35. City Select Stroller Mr. and Dr. Donni Shimanovich
36. Braun Food Processor Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Wagner
37. Lunch and Dinner on Us – Mr. and Mrs. Elie Goldstein
38. $250 Amazon Rabbi and Mrs. Ari Ziffer
39. Mishpacha Magazine Miss Yocheved Esther Keidar
40. Just For You Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bogart
41. Sous Vide and Instant Pot Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Wecker
42. Baltimore National Aquarium D. Freedman
43. $150 Bed Bath and Beyond Mrs. Hannah Bamberger
44. Every Singer’s Dream Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rothstein
45. $100 American Girl Store Juliya Sheynman
46. Games for the Family Faige Baumer
47. Stock it Up Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Lurman
48. Torah Media Mr. and Mrs. Elad Barmatz
49. Digital Camera Dr. and Mrs. Paul Fein
50. Amazon Prime Joy Hack
51. Luxury Tablecloth Rental Mr. and Mrs. Chananya Kramer
52. Melissa and Doug Train Set Chaya Plotnik
53. Capture the Moments Mr. and Mrs. Danny Steger
Jackpot Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Shields
Split the Pot Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Moshe Nudelman